Sunday, August 18, 2002

07:00 PM EDT

Wow . . . 5 days since I posted here . . .

Anyway, I went to Mohegan Sun last night. Casinos are fun places, even if you don't gamble. Mohegan Sun is more of a phenomenon than a casino, anyway. Last fall they opened up a gigantic new section (alon with a hotel, etc.), which is essentially a casino plopped down in the middle of a shopping mall. The theoy I suppose is that the non-gamblers can busy thmselves shopping while the gamblers gamble. Judging by the crowds at the tables and in the stores and restaurants, I'd say it's working. It was at least a 45 minute wait to eat, even at the nondescript little places.

By the way, if you find yourself at or near Mohegan Sun, and are a foodie, check out Rain and or Todd English's Tuscany in the casino. Both of these have gotten some pretty good reviews. But be warned: Like Crazy Eddie, their prices are IN-SANE . . . as in insanely high.

It was a fun trip . . . I won a little bit, as did my firends, so no one went home unhappy.

OK. Another week of hellishly hot and humid weather. Supposedly there is a front coming through (right about now, actually, according to the forecast), after which the weather is supposed to be noticeable moe comfortable. I certainly hope so, but the weather folks this summer keep predicting these ffronts and the accompanying storms and more and often than not they haven't panned out.

This weather is no good for blogging . . . I've got no energy to type or think.

I'm listening to the updated weather forecast . . . . the weather person is now saying "isolated" showers/thundershowers, skillfully backing down from their earlier predictions of strong winds, hail, and torrential downpours. The cooler and less humid weather is spposedly still on the way. We'll see.